An Interview with Penny

It’s been two months since we boarded our plane, so to commemorate the occasion I sat down with my older daughter to ask her opinions on this grand relocation experiment.

What do you like about our apartment?

We get to take an elevator. And I like when we get to go swimming in the pool.

What do you miss about our house?

My old bed. And the crib you got me for my baby dolls.

What do you like about your school here?

Riding the bus. It has an atelier where I can be creative. I have long days and short days. Sometimes my short days feel long and my long days feel really short!

What do you miss about your old school?

MacKenzie. And Aarna. And Lily.

Where do you like to go most in Singapore?

The library. I like riding the bus there because we get to read our stories. If we ride the subway and we don’t have our stroller than we get to ride escalators!

What don’t you like about Singapore?

When the haze comes and we can’t go in the pool.

Who do you want to come visit us?

Grandma. And Nanny and Da. But Grandma because she still has to get her tickets.

Get on that, Grandma. 😘

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